Rental terms


The car may only be driven by the individuals specified in this agreement.

The car may only be driven by individuals holding a valid driver’s license and with at least one year driving experience (as shown by the date of issue of the driver’s license).

Travels abroad are possible only with the prior written consent of the provider, who will supply the customer with the written authorization needed for border crossing.

The fees are expressed in EUR/day, they include VAT. Rental fee will be paid in advance or when the agreement is signed. Payments are made in Lei, according to the exchange rate posted by the Rent-a-car Company on its website.

In case a chauffeur is requested, the customer will cover board and lodging for the chauffeur, as well as an additional fee to be negotiated, according to services required (basic fee: 20 EUR).

For the duration of the rental agreement the customer will pay a deposit in the amount specified in the contract, in cash, by credit card or other payment instruments accepted by the Rent-a-car Company. The deposit shall be used to cover damages caused by the customer to the vehicle and shall be refunded in full if the car is returned undamaged at the agreed date and time. If damages are caused to the car by the customer’s fault, the Rent-a-car Company is entitled to retain all or part of the deposit, depending on the extent of the damage and the expected duration of the period while the car is unusable for rental purposes. The customer’s liability for damages is limited to the amount of the deposit.

The rental period begins at the time when the car is handed over to the customer if the customer receives the car in Cluj, respectively the time when the car leaves Cluj, if the car is handed over at another location. The rental period ends at the time the car is returned to the agency, if the car is returned in Cluj, respectively at the time when the car arrives to Cluj, if the car was returned at another location.

The rental fee of 1 day is calculated for each period of 24 hours entered into. A delay of 2 hours is allowed upon return of the car; longer delays will result in an extension of 24 hours on the rental period.

The rental period can be extended with no more than 24 hours through a telephone notice. For a rental period extension beyond this timeframe, the customer or a representative will have to contact the office in order to amend the contract and to pay the rental fee for the extension period.

In case the car is not returned within 24 hours from the end of the rental period and the customer did not notify the rental company and/or did not pay the extra rental fee, the rental company will notify the competent authorities automatically and without further notice and will not return the deposit.

If the customer is involved in a traffic accident or a collision with an object, he shall notify the rental company and the police and obtain the documents required by the law to repair the car.

I, the customer, have read and agreed to the stipulations of this agreement and I accept to pay in advance, in cash, credit card or by bank transfer. I acknowledge my hirer’s responsibilities for the duration of this agreement. I agreed to pay all traffic violation fines and parking tickets I might receive. I accept that in case the car is damaged, the car rental company may retain the deposit until the value of the damage and/or the party that caused the damage is determined.

The car is handed over to the customer with full tank and has to be returned in the same condition.